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Dual Component Injection Pumps - Pressures From 525 to 2,900 PSI

Dual Component Injection pumps are dual head pumps designed to pump two different fluids which will be combined to form polyurethane, acrylic materials or cements as they are injected into floors, walls and ceilings to seal and reinforce cracks. This is done to prevent moisture seepage and assist in structural stability, depending on the fluid injected. They are available with single or double air drive heads.

  • DC series pumps have stainless steel bodies and plungers with UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) seals and Viton2 O-rings.
  • Inlets are in the ends of the heads. Outlets are on sides of heads.
  • Maximum air drive pressure 145 psi.
  • Minimum air drive pressure 15 psi.
  • Standard design has both heads with the same displacement. For other combinations or pressure ratios, consult factory.
  • Fluids to be used should be identified at time of order to assure proper materials and seal selection.