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8DLE3 Air Driven Gas Booster

Maximator Air Driven Gas Boosters for boosting Nitrogen, Oxygen, Helium, Hydrogen etc

8dle3 gas booster

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Technical Data  
Air Drive Dressure pL: 1-10 bar / 14.5 - 145psi
Pressure Ratio i: 1:3.3
Compression Ratio 1:15
Minimum Suction Pressure pA: 0
Maximum Suction Pressure pA: 40 bar
Maximum Outlet Pressure pB: 40 bar
Displacement Volume/Double Stroke: 4.100 cm³
Maximum Cycles: 80 / min
Stall Pressure: PB = i * pL + pA
Maximum Operating Tempreature 100°C
Net Weight: 55 kg
Length: 980 mm
Width: 480 mm
Height: 345 mm

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8DLE3 Flow Chart

8DLE3 Gas Booster Flow Chart