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DLA30-1 Air Pressure Amplifier

DLA30-1 Air amplifier
DLA30-1 Arrangement Drawing
DLA30-1 Arrangement Drawing
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    HPT offers four air amplifier models in a single stage - single acting configuration. Single acting models include the MPLV4-1, DLA 5-1, DLA15-1 and DLA30-1 These units provide high pressure air amplification, up to 4,350 psi. Maximator air amplifiers are compact and lightweight for easy installation and operation.

Style Single Acting
Pressure Ratio 30:1
Compression Ratio 20:1
Min. Supply Pressure 100 psi
Max. Supply Pressure 4350 psi
Max. Rated Pressure 4350 psi
Stall Pressure 30Pa
Air Drive Port 1/2"NPTF
Inlet Connection 1/4"NPTF
Outlet Connection 1/4"NPTF
Pilot Port 1/8"NPT
Stroke Capacity(inˆ3) 3.6
Max. Temperature 2210 ºF
Weight 35 lb
Length 17.00 in
Width 6.75 in
Height 10.75 in
Mounting A 9.00 in
Mounting B 3.13 in
Mounting C 0.44 in

DLA30-1 Flowchart