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Air Pressure Amplifiers - Air Boosters

Maximator® air driven air amplifiers are designed to boost existing air or nitrogen pressures when the plant pressure is not sufficient. HPT air amplifiers also known as air boosters or air intensifiers are pnuematically operated and do not require any electrical power. HPT air boosters are available in single or double acting configurations for increasing air or nitrogen pressures from 30 psi up to 4,350 psi. HPT also offers a wide range of turn-key air pressure booster systems for plug and play installation and provides full technical application and service support for all Maximator air amplifiers and air booster systems.

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Pressure Ratio

Min. Supply
Pressure (psi)
Max Supply
Pressure (psi)
Max Rated
Pressure (psi)
Stall pressure Max Temperature
MPLV2 2:1 15 150 300 Pa + Ps 180 ºF
SPLV2 2:1 15 150 300 Pa + Ps 180 ºF
GPLV2 2:1 15 150 300 Pa + PS 180 ºF
MPLV4-1 4:1 30 145 580 4Pa 140 ºF
DLA5-1 5:1 30 725 725 5Pa 140 ºF
GPLV5 5:1 30 870 870 5Pa  180 ºF 
DLA5 5:1 30 1450 1450 5Pa + Ps 140 ºF
DLA15-1 15:1 100 2175 2175 15Pa 210 ºF
DLA15 15:1 100 4350 4350 15Pa + Ps 210 ºF
DLA30-1  30:1 220 4350 4350 30Pa 210 ºF
Pa = Air Drive Pressure (PSI),
Ps = Suppply Pressure (PSI)
Maximum air drive pressure 145 psi
  • Amplifies air pressure from 30 psi to 4,350 psi
  • Systems are available in compact, lightweight, and portable designs
  • Single and double acting boosters are available depending on your flow requirements
  • Economically efficient as our boosters are air driven and safe to use
  • Pneumatically powered air intensifiers eliminate the possibility of explosions in high pressure air applications
  • “Stalls” on reaching target pressure, automatic restart takes place after a drop in the target pressure
  • PTFE seals: Provides durability
  • DLA models consist of pilot port features for use with pressure switches and enhanced control.
  • Standard as well as custom designed systems available depending on your application’s requirement
  • Used in boosting shop air pressures where the existing pressure is too low
  • For weld areas that require high air pressure cleaning
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Blow-off, drying, and cooling applications
  • Enhances proficiency of pneumatic tools and machinery
  • Boosts air for processes like component removal, valve gates, and automation equipment for injection molding systems
  • They are also used for bottle molding applications
Industrial Applications of Maximator Air Driven Air Pressure Amplifiers.

Air Driven Air Amplifier Systems

air driven liquid pumps

High Pressure Technologies also provides compressed air pressure booster systems, which are the best choice for turn-key plug and play installations. These air booster systems provide a complete solution to increase a plants existing air pressure to as high as 200-250 psi.

Maximator Air Amplifier Systems are commonly used in large workstations or machine centers but are also used in some of the remotest and harshest environments on the planet. Maximator air booster system's are most commonly used to: increase shop air pressure for using machine tools, for operating high pressure air cylinders, pneumatic clamps, pressure testing, laser cutting, bottle moulding and many more.

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Maximator Air Pressure Amplifier FAQ's / Troubleshooting.

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