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Nitrogen Boosters with Pressure up to 36,000 psi

Nitrogen booster packages offer an economical method of boosting nitrogen (or other select gases or air) gas pressure up to 36,000 psi. HPT nitrogen booster package features a compact and lightweight arrangement that is turn-key and fully tested. Single and double acting nitrogen gas booster pumps are available to meet flow rate requirements. Maximator high pressure nitrogen booster pumps are capable of increasing pressures as low as 30 psi to pressures as high as 36,000 psi. Two stage nitrogen gas boosters are available for low to high pressure applications.

Nitrogen Gas Boosters

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Gas Booster Type

Gas Pressure

MTNB3-DLE30-1 Single Acting / Air Driven 2,200 psi
MTNB3-DLE30 Double Acting / Air Driven 2,200 psi
MTNB3-DLE30-1-DASR Single Acting / Nitrogen Driven 2,200 psi
MTNB3-DLE30-DASR Double Acting / Nitrogen Driven 2,200 psi
MTNB4-DLE75-1 Single Acting / Air Driven 4,400 psi
MTNB4-DLE75 Double Acting / Air Driven 4,400 psi
MTNB4-DLE75-1-DASR Single Acting / Nitrogen Driven 4,400 psi
MTNB4-DLE75-DASR Double Acting / Nitrogen Driven 4,400 psi
MTBGN4-DLE30-1 Single Acting / Air Driven 1,500 psi
  • Contaminant free operation with complete separation and isolation between the gas and air drive sections
  • Air Controls (Air Filter, Air Regulator with Gauge, On/Off Speed Control Valve)
  • High pressure switch to stop booster at desired pressure
  • Safety relief valves
  • Outlet pressure gauges
  • Manual vent valve for venting gas pressure prior to disconnecting outlet line
  • All controls are mounted on the booster. Booster may be supplied on base plate subject to model.
  • Available for plant air or nitrogen drive
  • Nitrogen drive units include:
    • high pressure regulator with gauge
    • gas supply pressure switch to stop booster when supply bottle pressure is too low
    • dry air spool modification on the booster for longer service life
  • “Pop floats” or tire filling
  • Pressurizing shock struts
  • Charging hydraulic accumulators
  • Gas reclaim from bottles
  • Boosting pressures from nitrogen generators
  • Boosting pressures from vaporized liquid nitrogen

Gas Booster System with Air Control and Air Pilot Switch