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MTIG5-75 Gas Booster System

MTIG5-75 Gas Booster System
  • MTIG5-75 gas booster systems provide a compact, portable source for increasing gas pressures. These air driven booster systems are shipped assembled and fully tested, ready for turn-key installation. As with standard boosters, gas booster systems also require no electrical power, providing safe and economical operation. Gas booster systems are capable of compressing most gases including nitrogen, argon, helium and hydrogen up to 36,000 psi. Systems featuring special seals and cleaning can pressurize oxygen to 5,000 psi.

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Stem Type Inert Gas
Gas Booster Type DLE75
System Rating 5000 psi
Min. Suction Pressure 300 psi
Dimensions 16" x 23" x 28"
Pressure Ratio 75:1
Stall Pressure 75Pa + Ps
Width 16.00 in
Height 23.00 in
Length 28.00 in
Weight 120


MTIG5-75 Flow Chart

 MTIG MTHG MTO2 DLE30 DLE75 DLE75 2 Flow Schematic