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AS-MPLV2-1G Air Amplifier System

Maximator® AS-MPLV2-1G Air PressureAS-MPLV2-1G Air Amplifier System Amplifiers are designed to boost plant air pressure or increase the supply air pressure at work stations and pneumatically operated machinery when the available working pressure is insufficient. Air operated tools become more efficient when coupled with air amplifiers. These amplifiers are capable of generating pressures from 30 psi to 4,350 psi.

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2:1 Ratio Systems
Air Amplifier Type
Tank Size
1.6 gal
System Rating
250 psi
Inlet Connection
1/2" FNPT
Outlet Connection
1/2" FNPT
Overall Size (L x W x H)
13 x 8 x 22 in
13.00 in
8.00 in
22.00 in
60 lb
Mounting Dimensions
7.13 x 9.00 x 0.38 in

AS-MPLV2-1G Graph

AS-MPLV2-1G Diagram