A Guide to Different Types of Air-driven Liquid Pumps Offered by High Pressure Technologies -II

Maximator air-driven pumps are widely used for many applications in oil and gas, industrial, chemical, and research industries. In the previous post, we discussed various types of water or oil type liquid pumps. This post will introduce you to different types of Maximator oil or oil/water and chemical service pumps.

A Guide to Different Types of Air-driven Liquid Pumps Offered by High Pressure Technologies

Air-driven liquid pumps are pumps that use compressed air as its power source in order to create hydraulic pressure. These pumps are used for a wide variety of water, oil, and chemical applications. High Pressure Technologies provides a wide range of air driven Maximator liquid pumps, with pressure capabilities from 60 PSI to 60,000 PSI. All HPT pump models are reliable, robust, compact, and easy to maintain. This post introduces you to different models of Maximator liquid pumps provided by High Pressure Technologies.

Working of Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps Explained

Today, electrically & gasoline driven pumps and boosters are being replaced by air driven pumps and boosters because air driven pumps are found to be cost effective and energy saving. In addition air driven pumps are safer for use with hazardous/combustible liquids due as the pump is powered using compressed air and not electricity. This has led to the increased popularity of air driven hydraulic pumps in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Industrial and Research industries. A question that must have popped up your mind is “how are hydraulic pumps driven by compressed air work”? You will find the answer to this question in this post. This post will also discuss the most common applications of where you these air driven pumps are used.

Tips for Sizing an Air Amplifier

Air amplifiers are used to increase air pressure in work environments, when the available working pressure is inadequate to carry out an operation. These equipment are regularly coupled with air-driven tools to improve their work efficiency. Today, it is easy to find air amplifiers in a wide range of specifications. These equipment can produce pressures from 30 PSI to 4350 PSI. A properly sized air amplifier is a mandatory requirement for any application or work environment using it. With such abundant varieties available for purchase, a user may get confused on the selection. To work effectively, without an interruption, there are several factors to be considered while designing an air amplifier. What are those factors? Read the post to know more about sizing factors involved in air amplifier design.

Oxygen Gas Boosters: How Do They Work?

Oxygen gas boosters have been around for a long time. These gas boosters are utilized for a variety of applications. As the name suggests, these devices are used for increasing gas pressures of oxygen by compressing them. It is obvious for anyone to think, how do these gas boosters work? Read this post to get answer to this question, and know about applications of these gas booster systems.

Guaranteed Savings with Maximator Air Amplifiers

A variety of industries rely on compressed air operations to complete many applications. Manufacturing facilities utilize compressed air systems for processes such as increasing shop air supply pressure, improving pneumatic tool efficiency, and boosting air supply pressure for component removal processes.

Why Compressed Air Supply Pressure Operations are Expensive?

Supplying significant amounts of compressed air pressure requires a huge amount of energy. Generally, calculating average costs of compressed air systems is performed using the following formula:
$$ = [(HP) x (0.746 x (hours) x ($/kW-hr) x (% working time) x (% full load)] / motor efficiency.

Maximator Air Amplifiers – The Top Choice

Air amplifiers, also known as air boosters, are the perfect cost-saving system for you when you need a higher air pressure than you’ve currently got. Our Maximator air amplifiers will increase air pressure for both your work stations and for your pneumatically operated machinery.

Our air amplifiers work with applications that use pressures from 30 PSI to 4,350 PSI. At HPT we offer a wide variety of air boosters / air amplifiers so you can get the precisely the pressures you need in your plant.