High Pressure Technologies

We Specialize in all Maximator & Maxpro Pumps & Boosters

Air Driven Air Pressure Amplifiers

Maximator and Maxpro Air Pressure Amplifiers, often referred to as Air Boosters, are designed to boost plant air pressure or increase the supply air pressure at work stations and pneumatically operated machinery when the available working pressure is insufficient. Air operated tools become more efficient when coupled with air pressure amplifiers. These air pressure amplifiers or air boosters are capable of generating pressures from 30 psi to 4,350 psi.

Air Driven Gas Boosters

Maximator and Maxpro Air Driven High Pressure Gas Boosters are suitable for the oil free compression of gases and air. Industrial gases like Argon, Helium, Hydrogen and Nitrogen can be compressed to operating pressures of 21,750 psi and Oxygen to 5,075 psi. In addition to the range of Gas Boosters available for industrial applications, High Pressure Technologies specialize in Oxygen Gas Boosters and Oxygen Rebreather Gas Boosters for both the Recreational Scuba and the Commercial diving industry.

Air Driven High Pressure Liquid Pumps

Maximator and Maxpro Air Driven High Pressure Liquid Pumps offer high efficiency and are ideal for a broad variety of oil, water and chemical applications. Offering one of the widest ranges of High Pressure Liquid Pumps in the industry with output pressures up to 60,000 psi. Choice of single acting and double acting models, available in a variety of materials to suit an array of fluids.

Standard Systems

High Pressure Technologies will provide you with a High Pressure System using a wide array of Maximator and Maxpro air amplifiers, liquid pumps and gas boosters systems in which we will then will incorporate them into a system or package designed for the your specific application. These High Pressure Systems can be either static or mobile for a variety of high pressure applications across many different industries. For further information please refer to the systems catalog or the link above or contact our sales engineers.   

Customized Systems

High Pressure Technologies offers design, engineering and manufacture of custom systems to suit your exact application and requirements. Ranging from Test Benches for testing of valves, hoses, cylinders and other pressure containing components across all industries such as sophisticated Fluid and Gas Systems for applications in the Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Plastics, Oil and Gas and most other markets.  These systems will incorporate Maximator Liquid Pumps, Gas Boosters and Air Amplifiers to be then designed into a High Pressure System that can be customized to be either static or mobile depending on your special needs. 

High Pressure Valves, Fittings and Tubing

Complimenting the Maximator range of Air Driven High Pressure Liquid Pumps, Gas Boosters and Air Pressure Amplifiers, High Pressure Technologies now offers the Maximator and Maxpro range of valves, fittings and tubing are suitable for a variety of different media and medium with use in Medium, High and Ultra High operating pressures. Products include Ball Valves, Needle Valves, Adapters, Tees, Elbows, Crosses, etc... Available in Medium, High, & Ultra High Pressures these valves, fittings and tubing are available in pressures up to 150,000 psi.

High Pressure System Accessories

Complimenting the wide range of Maximator and Maxpro High Pressure Liquid Pumps, Gas Boosters and Air Pressure Amplifiers and utilized throughout the range of standard and customised systems, High Pressure Technologies is a wide range of accessories. These include high pressure reducing regulators, high pressure quick release couplings, gas receivers, gas filters, air controls, air pilot switches, relief valves, tanks, accumulators, pressure gauges and a wide range of system components.

High Pressure Filters

High Pressure Technologies now offers a new line of high pressure filters. These high pressure filters consist of Super-Mini Tee-Type Filters, Mini   In-Line Filters, In-Line Filters, Tee-Type Filters, Multi-Use Compact In-Line Filters (replaceable element), Spin-On Filters, and Precision Filter Discs. High Pressure Technologies Filters can support pressures varying from 6,000 PSI, 10,000 PSI, 20,000 PSI, 30,000 PSI depending on which high pressure filter is used.  

Maxpro Coning and Threading Machine

Coning & Threading Machine

The Coning and Threading Machine is mounted on an industrial duty mobile cart which offers convenient and generous tool storage and a large chip collection/cutting oil system.
  • Requires less operator training.
  • Overall operation time is faster than other competitive machines.
  • Selector knob allows the operator to “dial in” the tubing size to be coned and threaded. This automatically sets the correct thread length for faster set up.
  • Coning blades are easily installed and manufactured from high quality tool steel and hardened for long service life.
  • Both coning and threading are done in sequential operations controlled by the single lever with hand wheel assist. No need to remove the tube for each operation once tightened into the collet.
  • Capable of 4” straight length coning and threading operation 3/8” OD thru 1” medium and high pressure tubing.
  • Die head resets automatically after threading during the full retract stroke.
  • Safe operation - fully enclosed cabinet eliminates pinch points and the Plexiglas cover protects the operator from cutting oil and metal chips.
  • Cutting oil is filtered and returned to reservoir.
  • Removable chip drum for easy cleanup, with locking lid for secure no mess shipping.
  • Overall Dimensions 31” W x 19” D x 44” H. Weight: 645 lbs.