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Liquid Pump with Output Pressure up to 60,000 PSI

Liquid Pumps Maximator Air Driven High Pressure Liquid Pump offers high efficiency and are ideal for a broad variety of oil, water and chemical applications. Offering one of the widest ranges of High Pressure Liquid Pump in the industry with output pressures up to 60,000 psi. Choice of single acting and double acting models, available in a variety of materials to suit an array of fluids.

How To Select Maximator Air Driven High Pressure Liquid Pump?

  1. Decide on the type of fluid to be pumped.
  2. Determine the available minimum plant air pressure.
  3. Finalize the required outlet pressure.
  4. Determine the required flow rate. This can be done in a number of ways:

-Is the item to be pressurized pre-filled?

-What is flow rate required at no load for filling?

-What is flow rate required at pressure?

-What is volume of item to be pressurized?

-What is the time available to fill?

-What is the time to pressurize?

Flow rates for each high pressure liquid pump, at various air drive pressures and outlet pressures, are provided on each pump page. These high pressure liquid pump runs very rapidly at no load and slow down as pressure increases. The high pressure liquid pump will eventually come to a stop at the pressure, which is the air drive pressure times the pressure ratio of the high pressure liquid pumps. At this point there is no flow and no air consumption. The high pressure liquid pump will hold the outlet pressure indefinitely and will only stroke if the outlet pressure drops or the air drive pressure is increased.

How an Air Driven High Pressure Liquid Pumps Work?

Features of Liquid Pump

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Standard ratios available for pressures to 60,000 psi
  • Economical source for hydraulic power
  • Pressure maintained without energy consumption
  • Pilot air valve is unregulated for easy restart and better pressure control range on S-D and L series high pressure liquid pump
  • Requires no lubrication
  • Explosion proof...no electrical power required
  • External spool valve for faster and easier maintenance, standard on all but PPO series high pressure liquid pump
  • Outlet pressure can be preset by use of simple optional air regulator


  • Stainless steel construction on most PP and all L and GX series high pressure liquid pumps
  • Distance piece liquid pump available in PPSF, LSF and GX series
  • Double acting styles available on PPO, S, PP and L high pressure liquid pumps
  • Multiple air heads available on PP and L high pressure liquid pumps
  • Accessories available for all air driven high pressure liquid pump

Maximator Range of High Pressure Liquid Pump

Oil or Oil/Water Service

PPO Series, S Series, S-D Series and LO series high pressure liquid pump:

The rugged construction, light weight and wide range of pressure ratios make these series of air driven high pressure liquid pump ideal for powering a variety of oil/hydraulic operations. Pressures to 14,500 psi.

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 Styles / PPO Series Liquid Pump / S Series Liquid Pump / S-D Series Liquid Pump

PPO Series Liquid Pump 

Water or Oil Service


The PP series and L series air driven high pressure liquid pumps are available in single or double acting models with single or double air drive heads and stainless steel materials, making them an excellent choice for water applications.

PP series high pressure liquid pump available with a hand lever option.

PP series high pressure liquid pump pressures to 58,000 psi.

L series high pressure liquid pump pressures to 60,000 psi.

Hand lever pressures to 31,900 psi.


This is the largest of our liquid pumps. It provides high flow of most any fluid and is built of corrosion resistant materials, inside and outside.

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 Styles / PP Series Liquid Pump / PP-HL Series Liquid Pump / L Series Liquid Pump / GX Series Liquid Pump

PP Series Liquid Pump

Chemical Service


PPSF series and LSF series high pressure liquid pump are similar to the PP series and L series high pressure liquid pump described above and feature a distance piece and PTFE seals to address the specific requirements of chemical service.

PPSF high pressure liquid pump pressures to 14,500 psi.

LSF high pressure liquid pump pressures to 23,200 psi.

GX high pressure liquid pump pressures to 14,500 psi.

DC high pressure liquid pump pressures to 2,900 psi.


The DC series high pressure liquid pump are dual component liquid pumps capable of pumping two different liquids, separate and at the same time, in a corrosion resistant environment.

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 Styles / PPSF Series Liquid Pump / LSF Series Liquid Pump / DC Series Liquid Pump

PPSF Series Liquid Pump

Accessories For Liquid Pump

To help you complete the installation of your Maximator air driven high pressure liquid pump, High Pressure Technologies offers a wide variety of accessories. These ancillary products are available as packaged modules or as individual components. Please consult High Pressure Technologies for details and other support services.

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 Styles / Air Control Package/ Pneumatic Pilot Switches/Lubricant/ Reservoirs / Relief Valves / Cycle Counters/ Plumbing

Liquid Pump Accessories

Standard Liquid Pump Systems

High Pressure Technologies offers complete packaged, turn-key systems incorporating the Maximator Air Driven High Pressure Liquid Pump for a variety of fluid and pressure applications.

High Pressure Technologies systems can be supplied for oil or water service and outlet pressures from 30 psi to 60,000 psi. To operate the power packs or portable test carts, only one shop air connection is required.

If a reservoir is included in the system, no other utility is required. High Pressure Technologies systems are designed around a basic core package, letting you choose the optional equipment you want to complete the system, making it ideal for your application.

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 Styles / Power Packs and Pump Skids /Portable Test Carts/ Test Benches

Air Pressure Liquid Pump